A copy of the Campaign write-up provided to players. All information is considered common knowledge for citizens of the Kahdesh area. (It should be noted that not all information is accurate, however.)


Medentri is an ancient world of fantastic magic, but history is its own danger and ancient evil always seeks to return. The recorded history of Medentri stretches back over 26,000 years, since the founding of the Elven kingdom of Dwernadil and the Dwarf kingdom of Adentagagar. The scholars believe that an era ruled by dragons preceeded this modern age for untold years and before that, an eon of the rule of alien overlords, named Sahbothine, however only a few ruins point to these ancient days, the theory is still common enough that the curse “Sahbothine take you” is a common phrase.


The city of Kahdesh was once the capital city of the Star Empire, ruled by the Emperor of the Starmetal Throne and the Seven Kings. In the prime of the empire, the Emperors ruled the continent with an adamantine fist. Those days ended when Empress Veras III was driven insane by her own quest for power.

In her insanity, Empress Veras III outlawed worship of Denestri, God of Nature and Harvest. Within a decade, the lands around Kahdesh had changed from pristine farmland to barren desert. By the time that Veras III rule ended, Kahdesh’s power was broken by its need to rely on other cities for food. It took several more decades before open rebellion tore the empire apart.

Five centuries passed when a figure, known only as the Necromancer rose in the mountains north of Kahdesh. The city stood bravely against the onslaught of undead, but ultimately fell to the horde. The Necromancer claimed what treasures were left from the great empire before abandoning the city for further conquests. His defeat nearly 50 years later allowed Kahdesh to be reclaimed from the desert.

Two centuries have passed since the defeat of the Necromancer, some 750 years since the fall of the empire. A new threat marches inexorably toward the city, the Demon Prince of Dhramus, seeks to rule the continent. A decade ago, 5 heroes rose up, leading a rebellion and facing the Demon Prince, they failed. Three died, one disappeared, the fifth serves the Demon Prince as his champion.

Kahdesh is a city that is looking for hope, for a return to power. Kahdesh looks for Heroes.

Shadows of the Gods Before